Phillip Tanner

Phillip brings more than 16 years of designing enterprise WiFi networks combined with more than 25 years of IT Network Operations and Management.  Phillip founded Mogility Networks and WiFiWorldWide to empower organizations with cost effective, highly secure, and highly functional networks.  Phillip's design approach combines best of breed hardware, software, AI, and machine learning to engineer networks that are self healing, secure, flexible, and agile.


Phillip laid the foundation for his IT pursuits after spending 4 years on Active Duty in the US Army as a Satellite Communications Systems Operator/Repairer/Maintainer.  After his end of service Phillip studied Electrical Engineering at Purdue University.  After his time at Purdue Phillip later completed graduate work in Project Management at Villanova University.  From 2004-2012 Phillip worked overseas in both Iraq and Afghanistan supporting the United States Gov’t efforts as a Senior Level Consultant.